Salgółtarján - which celebrates in 2002 the 80th anniversary of having been declared a town - is situated in the Northern part of Hungary, 2 kilometers from the borderline of the Republic of Slovakia, in an environment with unique beauty.
People had been living in the area of the present-day Salgółtarján since ancient times, however the prehistory
of the settlement began with the Hungarian conquest. It was 755 years ago when the settlement was mentioned
first time in written historical records.
It was the coal industry that raised Salgółtarján from the "unknown". The first mines opened in the 1850s.
The other branch of industry determining the development of the settlement and the present townscape was iron manufacturing.
  Fast industrialization made Salgółtarján a significant industrial center.
The town has been the seat of NĂłgrĂĄd county since 1950, consequently the implementation of the plans for modernization speeded up in the 60s and 70s.
At present, as well, Salgółtarján counting 46,000 inhabitants is the economical, cultural, commercial and service center of Nógrád county, with a strengthening transit role and tourism. Its significant international programs include: the Salgółtarján Dixieland Festival, Tarján Spring Art Festival, Spring Exhibition, International Jumping Gala.
Even though the town does not have historical buildings, it is worth visiting the underground mining museum, which preserves the material remains of mining in lifelike conditions, and which is unequalled all over Europe.
The real beauty of Salgółtarján lies in its natural environment, "Tół-strand" (a lake and an open air swimming-pool) and its surroundings with camping site and children`s camp, "Dolinka" Valley, "Eresztvény" (in the mountains), the ruins of Salgó Fortress, the Fortress of Somoskő‘, Karancs and Pécskő‘ hills are popular places for excursions.
We welcome all tourists.
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