Attila Volek

Year of birth: 1965
Postal address: H-3060 Pásztó Csohány K. út 30.
Date of issue of the callsigns:1982

My name is Attila Volek (HA6PW). My address: 3060 Pásztó, Csohány Kálmán út 30. I was born in 1965. Primary school, high school, College, than lots of courses and University. I am an automation engineer, I work at Hungary's biggest communications company. I got hooked by HAMming when I was in primary school. I learned the MORSE Code by myself, from an article called "Learn the MORSE Code", published in RADIOTECHNIKA. My first project was a 3 band - 0-V-2. I've had my licence since 1982. Besides general radio contacts I'm interested in building, improving new equipments and microprocessor technology. I'm trying to try out all the latest gear, if possible.