Csaba Molnar

Year of birth: 1968
Postal address: H-3141 Salgótarján, Rónai út 39.
Year of issue: 1985.

I was born into HAMing, because my father is HA6NA. During my study in a collage, while I graduated as an electrotechnician, station in I operated the HA6KQD club Gyöngyös. After the graduation I came back to Salgótarján, and since 1987 I'm a member of the HA6KNB. In 1989 I joined the HG-HQ Team and won World Championship 7 times. I use to work on HF and VHF with my personal call and on RTTY I achieved excelent international results. I've been a member of the Hungarian HB0 expeditions for years. I'm married and a father of a boy, my wife is HA6XQ, Ildikó.